No more words,
we need action!
Years protecting American freedom
Tours in Afghanistan
0 +
Medals, ribbons, citations, awards, etc.

Jobs and Economic Development

Job/Business Growth in District 25
Trade/Vocational Retraining
Farm/Ranch Survival in TX

Unemployment Benefits

Healthcare and Community Support

Protecting Unborn Lives

Medical Insurance for Veterans
Medical Care for Children and Elderly
Foster Care System
Children Group Homes

Securing the Border, Immigration

Securing the Border
Legal Immigration
Stopping Illegal Immigration
Combating Illegal Drugs/Terrorism
Resource Allocation
National Responsibility

DREAM Act Assessment

School Shootings, Education & Safety

School Safety
2nd Amendment Rights
Teacher Pay

Cost of Education

Choice Program
Texas Education Rankings


ERCOT/Energy Grid
Major Highway Expansion/Repair

Revitalizing Water and Waste Management Systems

Police/Fire Department & First Responders

Budget Constraints and Funding
Staffing Shortages/Retention
Mental Health Support
Tackling Rising Violence

Empowering Law Enforcement Through Technological Innovation

Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility

Tax System Complexity
Property Taxes
Transparency in Tax Spending
State Sales Tax
Business Taxes
House Bill 1 – 2024-2025 Budget

Military and National Security

Military Bases in the District
Texas National Guard
BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure)
Aging Military Infrastructure

Securing a Technological Edge in Defense

Taking Care of Our Vets
Vince Crabb

Securing our Future, Honoring Our Values.

I fought as a cop and firefighter. Fought 5 tours as a soldier. I have one fight left in me. To go to Washington and make this a better world for our kids and grandkids.

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