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Vince Crabb


Retired U.S. Army Colonel Vincent D. Crabb: A Lifetime of Service and Leadership
Colonel Vincent D. Crabb, a name synonymous with dedication, leadership, and service, now seeks to continue his commitment to the community as your representative. With a distinguished military career that began in November 1978, Colonel Crabb has been at the forefront of safeguarding our nation’s values and interests, both at home and abroad.

Military Service and Leadership

  • COL Crabb’s military journey started as a Gunner in Howitzer Battery in Albany, MO. His exemplary skills and leadership propelled him through various critical roles, including Operations Officer, Fire Support Officer, and Transportation Operations Officer, serving in diverse locations from Fort Worth, Texas, to Seoul, Korea, and Heidelberg, Germany.
  • His time in Iraq as a Direct Support Detachment Commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom not only demonstrated his tactical acumen but also his commitment to the well-being of those under his command and the civilians he helped protect.

Civilian Leadership: Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Ranching

  • During and following his military service, Colonel Vincent D. Crabb seamlessly transitioned to significant roles in civilian service, exemplifying his commitment to community and leadership in various capacities.
  • In Law Enforcement and Firefighting, Colonel Crabb applied his strategic and leadership skills to protect and serve at a local level. His tenure in law enforcement was marked by initiatives that enhanced public safety and strengthened community relations. As a firefighter, he demonstrated exceptional bravery and a commitment to protecting lives and property, embodying the ethos of a public servant.
  • As a Rancher, Colonel Crabb continued his family’s legacy, deeply engaging with the agricultural community. His advocacy for sustainable farming practices and fair agricultural policies highlights his dedication to the land and the people who cultivate it. This aspect of his life showcases his profound connection to the Texan heartland and its values.
  • Colonel Crabb’s civilian roles have enriched his understanding of the community’s needs, making him a well-rounded leader who stands ready to bring his diverse experience and heartfelt dedication to the office.

Strategic Roles and Achievements

  • As the Director for the Information Operations Warfare Center in San Antonio, TX, COL Crabb oversaw a vast enterprise of over 400 personnel, ensuring that deployed joint warfighters received top-tier Information Operations support. His role was pivotal in maintaining liaisons across critical agencies, including the National Security Agency and the Departments of State and Homeland Security.
  • His expertise in strategic planning and operations was further honed at prestigious institutions like the Command and General Staff School and the Civil Affairs Officer Advance Course, preparing him for high-level decision-making and crisis management.

Awards and Honors

  • COL Crabb’s service has been recognized through numerous awards, including the Bronze Star Medal and Defense Meritorious Service Medal. His decorations reflect his bravery, commitment, and the respect he has earned from his peers and superiors.

Vision for the Future

  • Now, Colonel Crabb brings his wealth of experience in leadership, strategic planning, and international affairs to serve the people of Texas. His vision is to leverage this experience to enhance community safety, support veterans, and drive economic growth.
  • Understanding the complexities of global dynamics, COL Crabb is uniquely positioned to address both domestic and international challenges affecting our state.
Colonel Vincent D. Crabb is not just a decorated veteran; he is a leader, a strategist, and a devoted servant of the people. His life’s work has been about making a difference, and he now seeks to bring this passion and expertise to represent and uplift the community in District 25. Join him in his journey to continue serving with honor, integrity, and unwavering commitment.



Colonel Crabb began fighting for you as a soldier at home and abroad.


Law Enforcement

Colonel Crabb fought for you as a cop and firefighter.



Colonel Crabb wants to fight for you and your family in Washington!

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