Frequently Asked Questions

You should vote for Colonel Crabb because he represents true service and dedicated leadership. With a background as a fireman, cop, and soldier, he has always been at the forefront of protecting and serving our community – those he knew and those he didn’t – no matter their color, religion, or creed. He stands for action, integrity, and unity, bringing a fresh perspective and a commitment to real change. 

His extensive experience in military leadership, crisis management, and public service makes him uniquely qualified. He has already been in the Pentagon and worked with congress successfully. His background provides him with the skills and perspective needed to effectively represent and address the challenges and fight for the needs of District 25.

Colonel Crabb brings a unique blend of hands-on experience in public safety, military service, and crisis management. Unlike his opponent, his leadership style is deeply rooted in action and service to the community. He represents a shift from traditional politics to a more action-oriented, inclusive, and transparent approach to leadership.

Colonel Crabb’s key priorities include securing the border while respecting legal immigration, enhancing school safety and education quality while taking care of our teachers, stimulating job growth and economic development, ensuring accessible healthcare for all, supporting police and first responders, advocating for fiscal responsibility and fair taxation, and strengthening our military and national security.

Colonel Crabb is committed to inclusive representation. He plans to engage with various community groups, ensuring that diverse perspectives are heard and addressed in his policies.

He commits to maintaining open communication channels, regular community engagement, and transparent decision-making processes to ensure accountability in his office.
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Colonel Crabb is committed to making our schools safe havens for learning. He supports enhanced security measures in schools, better compensation for teachers, and initiatives to improve the quality of education. He believes in balancing the right to education with the need for safety in our schools.

The Colonel is 100% behind this suggestion. He has discussed the introduction of the guardian program in schools which includes active and retired law enforcement as well as veterans to have full time security support for school’s vice security guards. The safety of students and faculty is imperative to the learning experience, and we can do more to ensure it. This would bring much needed job opportunities to all our District 25 communities, and it will be the Colonel’s job to pass legislation to support this program and fight for the funding to support these salaries by redirecting funds back to Texas.

This is an excellent idea and one that had not yet occurred to the Colonel. He is very interested in speaking with Law Enforcement and First Responders to discuss an on-call Trauma/Medical Team to support Active Shooter response. As most EMT’s and Paramedics know, they hold until they get the all clear that the Active Shooter has been neutralized before going in and helping the injured. Combat Medics are trained to treat while active shooting is ongoing and have far superior medical skills to include surgery if required while on scene that could increase the survival rate of injured persons. This is a great idea and deserves a much deeper discussion.

Colonel Crabb is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He believes in responsible gun ownership and supports measures that protect citizens’ rights while ensuring public safety.

Colonel Crabb is committed to ensuring that our first responders have the necessary resources, training, and mental health support. He believes in fostering strong community relations and backing law enforcement while ensuring accountability and transparency.
He plans to address public safety by strengthening community policing, enhancing law enforcement resources, and implementing comprehensive strategies to reduce crime and violence in our communities.
With his extensive military background, Colonel Crabb plans to prioritize national security and support for military families. He aims to enhance the preparedness of our armed forces, modernize military infrastructure, and ensure our veterans receive the care and respect they deserve.

Colonel Crabb advocates for a balanced approach to border security, emphasizing the need to protect our borders from illegal activities while respecting the dignity of legal immigrants. His plan involves using his military and strategic expertise to strengthen border security and support fair, legal immigration processes.

Colonel Crabb advocates for a fair and simplified tax system that ensures transparency and wise spending. He supports policies that reduce the tax burden on individuals and businesses while maintaining fiscal discipline and accountability in government expenditures.
He focuses on creating job opportunities, supporting workforce development, and encouraging entrepreneurship to tackle unemployment and underemployment issues.

Colonel Crabb plans to invigorate the local economy by supporting small businesses, creating job opportunities, and investing in skill development and vocational training programs. He aims to align workforce skills with the demands of emerging industries, ensuring sustainable economic growth and job security in District 25.

Colonel Crabb aims to modernize infrastructure, focusing on energy efficiency, transportation networks, and digital connectivity. He supports initiatives like highway expansions, renewable energy projects, and ensuring widespread internet access. Colonel Crabb believes we must support and implement policies that allow the safe operation of oil and gas while embracing and the alternative options of Green Energy, address staffing shortages, and improve retention rates among police, firefighters, and essential workers. The Oil and Gas community are essential to the fabric and infrastructure of Texas and we will not survive without their success.  As we continue to support the country and the rest of the world with our Oil and Gas, it is imperative to work to incorporate alternative energy sources like Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Hydrokinetic and Biomass Energy.  Oil and Gases are a non-renewable source and so we must continue to look to our future and ensure we are prepared for that transition.

He advocates for policies that bolster farm and ranch survival, including agricultural subsidies, fair trade agreements, and support for sustainable farming practices

This is not a subject that we are well informed of, but will continue to look into and support any evidence constituents provide that we can use to justify a greater investigation into the subject.

From Harvard University: “Chemtrails refers to the theory that governments or other parties are engaged in a secret program to add toxic chemicals to the atmosphere from aircraft in a way that forms visible plumes in the sky, somewhat similar to contrails. Various different motivations for this alleged spraying are speculated, including sterilization, reduction of life expectancy, mind control or weather control. We have not seen any credible evidence that chemtrails exist. If we did see any evidence that governments were endangering their own citizens in the manner alleged in the chemtrails conspiracy, we would be eager to expose and stop any such activities… We don’t trust that governments will always do the right thing, but we do trust the goodwill of individuals who take risks to blow the whistle, exposing government misdeeds.” –

Colonel Crabb advocates for a healthcare system ensuring Medicare/Medicaid accessibility for individuals who have contributed, with a special focus on veterans, children, and the elderly. He emphasizes the need to improve healthcare infrastructure, especially in rural areas, and supports reforms in Medicare and Medicaid for better service delivery.

He is committed to improving services for veterans, including healthcare, job training, and mental health support, recognizing their sacrifices and ensuring they receive the benefits they deserve.

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